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101 Teacher Gift Ideas with Succulents
Celebrate your teacher with an Inspired Gift

Sand Layer Terrarium

sand layer.jpg

This special colourful terrarium will bright up wherever it is, and bring a positive energy, thousand smile to our teachers

Healthily rooted succulents


Teachers will fall in love with this beautiful pink rose-shaped succulent.

Beautiful, elegant and much easier to care


Succulents gifts are a sign of respect and telling your teachers that they have a nurturing nature


Easy care plants, be a best friend of your teacher 

Nurturing and Growing


Keep Smile on face with this attracting succulent arrangement 

Teacher Appreciation


This is the way to say thank you to teachers this year 


Why Choose Our Succulent Arrangements?

Green & Gold Photo Collage Winter Christmas Instagram Post.png
  • Our colourful Succulent Arrangements make ideal gifts for favourite teachers with hundred arrangements to choose from.

  • Healthily rooted live plants can last a long time, growing and getting bigger and better

  • They are all handmade pieces from our team and made them with lots of love 

  • Beautiful succulents will bright up the space wherever it is and bring million smiles as well as positive energy to teachers

  • Gifting succulents to teachers shows them that you trust them and telling them that they have a nurturing nature

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We're a family owned succulent nursery in Yagoona, NSW; very lucky to be in Australia and have chance to supply succulents & bonsai for all over Australia.


If you're looking for beautiful succulents & bonsai, exceptional  customer service, and best prices ... we’re always here for you.


Serving You Is Our Happiness - HP Succulents & Bonsai

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