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30% OFF All Mini Succulents
Best Online Succulents for Sale Australia

Pachyphytum Baby Finger

Pachyphytum Baby Finger - Succulents for Sale Australia.jpg

A must-have for all succulent lovers. Add this cutie, pinky and chubby to your collection.

Graptoveria Norma aka Margaret Rose

Graptoveria Norma aka Margaret Rose - Succulents for Sale Australia.jpg

Everyone will fall in love with this beautiful blue-pink rose-shaped succulent.

Graptoveria Pink Ruby

Graptoveria Pink Ruby - Succulents for Sale Australia.jpg

Get addicted to this beautiful colour. This will bring good luck to you.

Echeveria Moon Goddess - Succulents for Sale Australia.jpg

Many succulent lovers are hunting for this striking hybrid. How about you?

Echeveria Green Smile

Echeveria Green Smile - Succulents for Sale Australia.jpg

Keep Smile on your face with this attracting highly sought-after echeveria.

Sedeveria Jet Beads

Sedeveria Jet Beads - Succulents for Sale Australia.jpg

A deep reddish brown trending colour will be a perfect choice added to you collection.

Why Choose Our 60mm Mini Succulents?

  • Our Succulents for Sale Australia Mini Packs are really colourful with more than 60 different varieties.

  • Healthily rooted and ready for your amazing succulent projects.

  • Grown for long time under natural sunlight so they have considerably lower chance of getting sun burned.

  • You will receive the very similar succulents as shown in the photos.

  • Succulents are posted bared roots without pots, potting mix and pebbles.

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We're a family owned succulent nursery in Yagoona, NSW; very lucky to be in Australia and have chance to supply succulents & bonsai for all over Australia.


If you're looking for beautiful succulents & bonsai, exceptional  customer service, and best prices ... we’re always here for you.


Serving You Is Our Happiness - HP Succulents & Bonsai

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